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Using Data to Evidence Change & Assess Workforce Risks

Todd Hunt, Manager of Workforce Planning at NSW Health presented at the Workforce Planning for Public Sector Summit in 2016. In his presentation slide, Todd will share the work he has carried out for NSW Health to identify cur ...

Positioning the South Australian Public Sector for the Future

In this presentation from Workforce Planning for Public Sector 2016, Natalie Morris, Principal Statutory Adviser Office for the Public Sector at Department of the Premier and Cabinet SA, provides an overview of the program of work progr ...

Developing a three tiered approach to workforce planning in government to drive employee performance and engagement Insights from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA)

In this article, Adina Leu, Assistant Director, Workforce Analytics & Planning at the AFSA) explores the strategies used to establish and roll-out this three tiered approach and how their workforce planning strategy is set to drive workforce performance and employee engagement in the coming y ...

How the APS is preparing for the changing world of work: Creating an engaged and skilled workforce to drive strategic outcomes

In this article, Helen Bull, Group Manager, Workforce Information, at the Australian Public Service Commission shares how the APS is keeping up with the latest workforce trends to better prepare for rapid growth in the future.

5 ways to prepare for future workforce trends in Government

This article explores 5 key steps government organisations can take to prepare for future workforce trends in government.

The Future of Workforce Planning

Employee turnover is extremely expensive, costing up to 1.5 to 2 times an employee’s salary, and those numbers are rising. Finding and trainin ...

5 Trends that Could Disrupt Workforce Planning in 2017

Talent Acquisition and HR teams are faced with numerous challenges. Planning agility and workforce insight are more important than ever to business performance. With planning, so many moving pieces and unanticipated changes must still be addressed as a business grows. Toward that e ...