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Developing a three tiered approach to workforce planning in government to drive employee performance and engagement Insights from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA)

In this article, Adina Leu, Assistant Director, Workforce Analytics & Planning at the AFSA) explores the strategies used to establish and roll-out this three tiered approach and how their workforce planning strategy is set to drive workforce performance and employee engagement in the coming years.

How the APS is preparing for the changing world of work: Creating an engaged and skilled workforce to drive strategic outcomes

In this article, Helen Bull, Group Manager, Workforce Information, at the Australian Public Service Commission shares how the APS is keeping up with the latest workforce trends to better prepare for rapid growth in the future.

5 ways to prepare for future workforce trends in Government

This article explores 5 key steps government organisations can take to prepare for future workforce trends in government.

Past Presentations

Strategic and operational workforce planning expectations for HR professionals.

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2017, Julie Sloan, Chief Executive at Workforce Planning Global chats about:  •Development of plausible future focused demand scenarios •Data maturity: Advanced /Predictive -definitions, metrics, quality reporting and investment –Data scientist • Identifying highest and lowest workforce risk by time frame, segment, cohort, capability

The Australian Taxation Office's approach to managing the future IT workforce though data analytics and metrics

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2017, Gavin Wright, Director Workforce Planning at the Australian Taxation Office discusses:Skill mapping and utilising data analytics to identify the critical staff and skills needed for the effective management of each branchConducting physical analysis and linking findings to develop a practical application that can...

Changing Models of Care: Realigning and Diverting your Workforce Strategic Direction to Meet Service Demands

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2017, Nessá Pastoors, General Manager at  People & Communications chats about: Sustain health system with finite resourcesExpand workforce capacity/capabilityDivert unnecessary acute admissions

Understanding the Changing World of Work: Where workforce planning and HR metrics can build a productive future

In this presentation from Workforce Management 2017, Tim Beard, Director, Workforce Planning and Metrics at the Australian Public Service Commission discusses: How to be more productive, responsive and collaborative to keep up with the future.Needing to adapt and improve access to quality data and data systems How to establish effective...