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We are seeing headcount reductions and challenging efficiency targets being set across all levels of government and this is putting increased pressure on departments to understand their current workforce and what they require in the future to deliver their business objectives.

There are a number of barriers that need to be overcome when organisations are looking to develop workforce planning capability:

  •  Data availability and data management
  •  Scale and complexity of the organisation
  •  Lack of support from the leadership team
  •  Culture change and capability gaps
  •  Transitioning HR from a transactional function
  •  Understanding what your future workforce looks like in an age of disruption

Even building the business case for investment can be difficult in a time of budgetary constraints. With this in mind, this year’s event will address the challenges you will face when looking to develop capability in strategic workforce planning. Key strategy areas to be explored will include:

  •  Good Data as a Foundation for Effective Workforce Planning
  •  Utilising Workforce Planning to Make Strategic Investment Decisions: Why Data is the Key to success
  •  Workforce Planning during the Restructuring of your Organisation
  •  Workforce Segmentation: Skills are the New Currency in the 21st Century Workplace

If you are looking to establish strategic workforce planning capability within your organisation then this summit is your must attend learning opportunity in 2016.

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Featuring case study focused presentations from thought leaders from across the public sector, Key themes to be explored at the event will include:


Workforce Segmentation and Human Capital Reporting


Succession Planning Strategy Development.


Strategic Talent Sourcing for Tomorrow’s Digital Workforce.


Strategic Workforce Planning to Determine the Most Required and Critical Skills.


Workforce Planning during the Restructuring of your Organisation.


Developing Capability and Expertise in the Effective Utilisation and Management of Older Workers.


Using Big Data to Help Drive Quicker, More Effective Business Decision Making.


Understanding HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics: What Should we Measure about Our Workforce?

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