27 - 28 November, 2018 | Novotel Canberra, Canberra, ACT

Renault Phong

Director, Strategic Workforce Planning
NSW Department of Industry

3:00 PM Exploring Strategies to Harness Metrics and Analytics to Develop Maturity in Proactively Mitigating Future Workforce Risks

In order to progress from utilising basic analytics to value add analytics, organisations must identify the gaps and capabilities in their workforce, understand their internal goals and what they want to achieve for future business strategy. Such planning will help to set the right targets and make more informed decisions that will keep your organisation proactive and mitigate future risks. With reference to the NSW Department of Industry’s recent strategy, this may involve collaborative thinking with departments and other industry leaders, automating processes or simplifying data capture into something more meaningful.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Moving past basic demographics and analytics to investigate meaningful data that can be applied to make informed business decisions and analyse why trends are happening
  • Encouraging regular monitoring of data to identify emerging workforce risks, especially in times of change, transformation and restructuring
  • Translating workforce data and identifying the right type of data to utilise the results to align with business outcomes
  • Enabling stakeholder engagement to determine the right solution, in-house or out-source, that will maximize organisations capabilities and meet business objectives


4:00 PM Developing an Industry Dashboard at the NSW Department of Industry to Provide a Holistic View on HR Metrics and Analytics

The NSW Department of Industry is working towards a forward thinking approach to strategic workforce planning and analytics. Working internally and with the NSW PSC, the Department is developing its infrastructure and systems to create an automated approach to managing HR Metrics and Analytics and eliminate manually intensive methodologies. The industry dashboard provides a holistic approach and oversight into different departmental strategies to help bridge gaps and meet future work targets.

  • Understanding the processes of identifying which analytics are essential for business growth at NSW Department of Industry: Diversity and Inclusion, Productivity and Capability
  • Finding a balance between utilising in-house capabilities and introducing new technology and systems to move forward with new databases and dashboards
  • How a collaborative approach in the organisation and with the PSC has enabled better analysis and preparation for future work changes including contingent workforces and automation

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