27 - 28 November, 2018 | Canberra, ACT

Agnese Hubbard

Director, People and Workforce Development
Parks Australia

9:50 AM Case Study: Supporting Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Skills and Knowledge in the Workforce Through the Indigenous Pathways Project

Parks Australia is part of the federal environment portfolio and is responsible for the management of seven Commonwealth National Parks. In these places, land and sea management include requirements to engage specific traditional skills and knowledge to ensure that the connection to sea and country is maintained. This brings a unique dimension to Park based engagement and employment, as there is a need to recognise the traditional skills and knowledge that Indigenous staff bring to our places. With reference to the Indigenous Pathways (IP) project, this session with discuss:

· How the project will review the Indigenous employment and engagement needs and confirm the most suitable pathway models for each place 
· Changing the way Parks Australia operates to meet Traditional Owner expectations in their Jointly Management parks and support government priorities in relation to improving employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians more generally
· How metrics, workforce planning and regular reporting is used as evidence to recognise the critical skills missing and the positive impact traditional skills can have in the workforce

1:20 PM Expert Panel Discussion: Collaborative Workforce Planning to Increase Workforce Engagement

With workforce planning being a critical cog in shaping your organisation’s future, it is important to understand why collaboration is a key to success. Knowing what’s important to your business and your employees will help to inform better decisions and increase the level of engagement, which will help build the right skills and people for the future. This panel will look at:

  • Avoiding silos – How to maintain relationships with key departments to increase skill sets and engagement of multiple roles
  • Human Resources and Data Maturity – Understanding your responsibilities and what is required on your part to help facilitate growth in the workforce
  • Analysing your organisation’s readiness for change and how to adapt a broad willingness to control change, engage early and engage often

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