27 - 28 November, 2018 | Canberra, ACT

Adina Leu

Assistant Director, Workforce Analytics & Planning
Australian Financial Security Authority

4:30 PM Workshop: Leveraging Workforce Metrics and Analytics to Enrich Your Employee Experience and Build Your Workforce for the Future

Many organisations fall into the trap of collecting data but do not know how, or are not investing in utilizing the data, to understand how metrics and analytics can support strategic business and workforce development. Data is only valuable when organisations are able to make sense of it and tell a story, and in this interactive workshop, you will be taken through a detailed, step-by-step roadmap for leveraging metrics and analytics to help enrich your future workforce and influence data driven decision making for your business.

This workshop will be most valuable for organisations looking to embark on a journey towards workforce analytics and do not know or do not have a clear idea of where to start, or for organisations looking to increase their workforce analytics maturity.  

What will the workshop cover?
  • Evolving from ah-hoc HR reporting to workforce analytics, and enabling stakeholder engagement to determine the right solution, in-house or out-source, that will maximise organisational capabilities and meet objectives
  • Understanding metrics and analytics (including predictive analytics) and what should be measured about our workforce
  • Developing people managers’ data & visual analytics capabilities, to day-to-day and strategic evidence-based workforce decision making.  
  • Utilising and interpreting data for strategic decision making and the importance of data visualisation in communicating workforce insights
  • Finding the balance between measuring productivity and ROI through metrics and analytics while still focusing on improving and enriching workforce culture


4:30 PM The Three Tier Approach to Workforce Planning: Succession Planning, Divisional Workforce Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning, Driving Mature Workforce Planning Practices

The Australian Financial Security Authority has developed a five-year road map to mature the Agency’s workforce planning practices by 2020. In this strategy, AFSA adopted a three tier approach, partnering strategically across the organisation to develop capabilities and mitigate workforce risk. This session will delve into AFSA’s succession planning, divisional workforce planning and strategic workforce planning with the use of workforce and business data and analytics for evidence-based decision making.

  • Recognising your organisation’s capabilities and resources to develop in-house solutions and systems, which enables collaboration and ownership of roles and responsibilities
  • The bottom-up approach: Effectively engaging senior management to develop successors for roles and readiness for the workforce of the future workforce
  • Predictive analytics and modelling: Mitigating risks and closing capability gaps, through investing in data and analytics to drive employee engagement and workforce performance 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Adina.

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